Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you enjoy self tanning products but have been disappointed by their strong odor? Their orange color? Streaking?

AUTOBRONZANT is a skin conditioning treatment and self-tanner in one product!

Body Wellness Lotion-Self tanning and cell renewal

The Key Benefits:
Safely lifts the pallor of the face and body to a golden hue
Conditions and hydrates the skin
Ultra violet protection guards the skin from solar aging

Major Active Ingredients:
DHA-pigmentation agent
Organic fruit acids- hydrate and renew cells
Karine nut butter- softens, repairs and protects
Cereal Oils (Sunflower, soy, rice bean) - protects cells from oxidation
Titanium Dioxide- U.V. protectant

Within a few hours the pallor of your face and body is metamorphosed into a heavenly golden hue

You can obtain a healthy tan without the damaging or harmful rays of the sun

You are protected from signs of premature aging.

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Franklin TN 37067

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