Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Did you know that an aromatic bath was one of the best ways to invigorate when you're feeling tired?

PHYTOBAIN-everlasting bath essence

This amazing product is richly dosed with the finest aromatic essences.
It is a true bath therapy!
Will not leave an oily residue in the bathtub.

The Key Benefits:
  • Invigorates, refreshes and promotes a sense of "well-being"
  • Promotes deep tissue oxygenation
  • Drains excess fluids from the tissues-strengthening the blood vessels

Major Active Ingredients:

Everlasting essential oil (hylichrysium)- contours, invigorates, increases vessel resistance
Sage essential oil- firms, tones
Extracts of witch hazel- improves circulation, purifies and tones.
Petit grain essential oil- calms, drains and uplifts
Rosemary essential oil- uplifts, rejuvenates, stimulates
Horse Chestnut & Cypress- vaso constricts

  • Seductive, addictive, irresistable and mesmerizing scent that leaves you with a long-lasting sensation of energy and better being.
  • Stimulates circulation, purifies the body skin
  • Soothes senses and softens dry skin.

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